Technically speaking, a defense strategy is developed gradually as more and more of the prosecutor’s way of dealing with the offense charges is known. The defense strategy is actually the “reaction” to the charges leveled against the accused and the prosecutor’s way of presenting the charges.521

Therefore, the strategy for different cases follows different courses. As no criminal case is exactly the same as any other, criminal lawyers are well-versed in the skill of analyzing the situation and devising the best defense strategy for particular cases. While developing a strong defense strategy, the criminal lawyer Toronto may consider various factors:

The Credibility of the Defense

Criminal lawyers are masters of presenting the truth in different ways and relaying the one in court which is most likely to be in their client’s favor. This does not means that the defense attorney spins tales and uses fallacies. In fact, he/she uses the credible defense in an effective strategic stance.

Dealings with Prosecution Witnesses

The statement of the prosecutor’s witnesses is an important factor in deciding the fate of the accused. The criminal lawyer, through questioning and cross-examination attempts to obtain from the witness a particular knowledge or comment that will help in strengthen the defense. This is an immensely crucial skill that all criminal lawyers are expected to possess.

Criminal cases often attract public attention and the attitude of the community starts influencing the course of action of both the prosecution and the defense. Criminal lawyers can use the emotions of the community to turn the weight of public opinion in the client’s favor. This is done by good analysis and picking up those aspects of the case that are likely to get the sympathy of the public. Criminal lawyers, especially those seasoned in devising strategies use these tactics and their ample industry knowledge to create an indestructible defense.  If you want to learn a free consultation call the law firm today.